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Equine Specialist

How would you describe Zenerosity in three words?

Horses find truth

What special gifts, talents, uniqueness do you bring to the depth and diverse richness of the Zenerosity team?

I bring a love of all animals, (humans included), and a strong drive to add more happiness and harmony to the world. I have logged thousands of hours of horse time with true effort to connect with and understand them. I have the desire to share the things I’ve learned. I have knowledge that learning is lifelong and I will never stop trying to improve all aspects of my self as long as I live.                       

 What is the best part of working with Zenerosity?

I’m continually inspired by the people and horses that make Zenerosity - especially the clients!  I truly believe we can all put some more happiness and harmony in this troubled world.     

What is one of your favorite quotes?

                                             The path will be illuminated as we travel it.                                                 


 What is your superpower?

Empathy and patience  


 What would your dream world look like?

All people would have the self knowledge to know their true needs.  We would all have equal value as human beings and no one would lack for food, water, shelter, medicine, or companionship. We would love and care for the earth and all its inhabitants.

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