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LMFT, Equine therapist

How would you describe Zenerosity in three words?

Connection, Magic, Truth

What special gifts, talents, uniqueness do you bring to the depth and diverse richness of the Zenerosity team? 

I’ve always had a connection with and affinity for animals.  Some of my greatest teachers have been animals.  You could find me working at a veterinary clinic even when I was in graduate school to become a therapist.  My Masters in Transpersonal Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapist license have allowed me to work with adults kids and families however I always saw myself doing the work assisted by animals.  

What is the best part of working with Zenerosity?

The freedom to do work I love in the company of magical creatures.

What is one of your favorite quotes? 

It’s not what you’ve got, but what you give. 

If you could describe yourself in three songs what would they be?  

867-5309/Jenny-Tommy Tutone, 

Green Eyes-Coldplay, 

Where are you going-Dave Matthews Band

What is your superpower? 

Helping others feel grounded and calm.

What would your dream world look like? 

A world filled with equity, kindness, consideration, truth and opportunity for all.  

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